An easy to use airmap of the southern UK, showing flying sites, fitting on one A4 sheet. Contains only those features relevant to free flight, excludes: HIRTAs, bird reserves, areas activated by NOTAM, restricted areas not applying to free flight. Includes instructions for novices. Based on Garmin maps. Updated shortly after each Garmin map release.

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Reading SimpleAirMap:

  1. A number e.g. "55" means stay below 5500ft.
  2. Underlined numbers are flight levels, treat them as above in good weather (over 1013.25mb)
  3. Four digit heights, e.g. 2488 indicate ATZs to stay above (in feet).
  4. Decimal heights, e.g. 2.4 indicate zones to stay above (1000's of feet)
  5. Avoid solid black bits they are always forbidden. e.g. Danger areas.
  6. Avoid grey shaded bits, they are normally forbidden. e.g. Parachute drop zones.
  7. Avoid horizonally shaded bits during the week. e.g. Certain danger areas.
  8. Areas only activated by Notam are excluded e.g. Hullavington or Hankley Common.
  9. This map is derived from uk garmin airpace layers 21 (everyday) and 23 (weekday) with airspace over 6500ft excluded.
  10. Remember to lookup NOTAMs before setting off

Airmap Updates:

9 July 2023 - ATZ height amended, missing very small Danger area added

26 Nov 2022 - Updates around Southend and Stanstead

20 Aug 2022 - Removed Kevil Drop Zone, Middle Wallop Drop Zone (as they are now NOTAM only). Added Oxford, Milton Keynes and Northampton as goals

29 May 2022 - Added R106 Raymill House, Removed Chiltern Park DZ, other smaller amends following review

31 July 2021 - Added Little Rissington ATZ

27 July 2021 - Removed Colerne ATZ following clarification by XCLeague

6 March 2021 - Removed Redland DZ, Added Woburn

6 June 2020 - Removed Old Sarum ATZ, DZ remains

5 Feb 2020 - Farnborough added, added FL65 south west of Birmingham that was missing

25 Sept 2019 - Reviewed, no changes necessary

18 May 2019 - Fixed several ATZ heights

10 Nov 2018 - Added Highgrove LOA

8 Sept 2018 - Deleted Highgrove as special rules now exist for it

26 Aug 2018 - Added Highgrove which will come into affect on sept 10 2018

31 Jan 2018 - Removed very small FL55 filet on South East coast

29 May 2017 - Removed Transfynydd danger area, Delete ATZ Old Warden , Delete ATZ Wynton

23 Oct 2016 - Removed Willsworthy danger area, removed prohibited areas Harwell + Winfrith, removed restricted Bradwell

17 June 2016 - Solent CTA6 merged with CTA7 (lower limit raised), ATZs at Farnborough and Blackbush changed shape

20 March 2016 - Chivenor ATC deleted, Worthing CTA1 amended, Portsmouth CTA1 added, Daventry FL65 removed,Y8 FL75 removed

19 October 2015 - Turweston ATZ deleted, XClent site restored, Mere moved slightly

30 April 2015 - Southend CTR/CTA[D] introduced, ATZ/RMZ deleted

31 Jan 2015 - Panshanger ATZ deleted (SE of Luton), two small 5500+ trianges deleted (between birmingham and luton)

28 Sept 2014 - Southend RMZ added, Clacton ATZ deleted

3 Sept 2014 - Previous version was missing sites, now restored

22 August 2014 - Added missing 55 triangle at Newport Pagnell, removed ATZ Manston (south east coast)

18 May 2014 - Extended all the way to Norwich, clearly show Mon-Fri airspace, show Uffington

5 Feb 2014 - Correction: I had deleted the wrong ATZ Peterborough

4 Feb 2014 - Deleted: Para Abingdon, ATZ Peterborough/Sibson, Para Henlow. Added: ATZ Lee-on-Solent, Audely End and Hunsdon operating areas

15 Dec 2013 - Show bath gap properly, added southern sites

22 Sept 2013 - Added more detail to the north east, resized to print properly on A4

10 Feb 2013 - Removed ATZ Filton, Added Para Chiltern

11 Nov 2012 - Added more detail in the north east part of the map for flights from XCLent. Para Lewknor deleted, missing L10 fillet added, heights of ATZs Chichester, Turweston, Goodwood amended

21 July 2012 - Moved Rybury to correct positon

24 June 2012 - Added ATZ cotsford, north west of birmingham; show boundary of 4500 airspace east of birmingham

15 June 2012 - Explained what a flight level is in the notes

2 June 2012 - Added winch sites and moved batcombe and bell

20 May 2012 - Added Dartmoor danger zone, distinguish weekday only airspace, clarify policy on notam airspace

16 April 2012 - All FL 55 changed to 5500 as per Garmin maps, added Nantymoel, corrected spelling of some site

17 Dec 2011 - Now based on ukgarminairmaps for better geometrical accuracy. Increased coverage for lights from Long Mynd and Malvern West. Area below Gatwick increased from 3500 to 4500 after CAA change.

20 July 2011 - Remmoved Lyneham, removed small danger area SE of southampton

13 June 2011 - Corrected ATZ Shuttleworth to 2110ft from 2220ft

4 June 2011 - Marked Lyneham as weekday only; removed an ATZ on the isle of wight

14 May 2011 - Removed a parachute drop zone to the west of harwell, it does not exist; marked a 65 as FL65 east of Brizenorton